November 24, 2015

Web Analytics

Where should you be investing your online marketing? Making sure the budget you spent will bring you the type of results you want?

Where should you be putting your time and marketing effort on?

Sure, you may have a rather nice looking website, however are you totally and 100% sure that your website is getting the targeted web traffic you desired? How much web traffic are you getting and where are they coming from? Do you know whether your online marketing and investment is paying off?

How would you know if you do not measure? The big question is “Are you actively monitoring your website performance and web traffic metrics like all other astute business owners?

Every website owners need to know that “what you don’t measure, you can’t improve!” Likewise for your online endeavour, you need to measure your web metrics, traffic metrics system, metrics that will tell you what your website visitors are doing when they land on your website. Web metrics will give you the insight to your website performance and tell you your sources of traffic.

You really want to see your website traffic, leads, and customers base grow

You need detailed statistics that show you how your website is performing for the search terms as well as where they are popping up in search results. Your website traffic and its sources is invaluable info for you to know which marketing strategy is working for you and which is not. This will help you to re-direct your marketing budget to where it matters, to where you can improve and optimize. To where you can stretch yur marketing dollars further.

An effective tracking, metrics and reporting tool will enable you to track and analyse the following:

  • Organic search engine traffic
  • Referral traffic
  • Direct traffic
  • Social traffic
  • Paid traffic

You will also see metrics such as

  • your bounce rate and depth of your website visitors engagement when they are on your site
  • you will be able to identify and solve search engines crawl issues
  • you will receive alert messages from Google and Bin

You do not want to be left blind and clueless on how your site and your marketing campaigns are performing. Without Web Metrics data like our tracking and metrics system, you may be as well be blind!

Because you will not know

  • which marketing strategy is working for you
  • what to improve or optimize for your marketing effort
  • which page is generating the most conversion on your website
  • which page is hurting your website
  • how to allocate your online marketing budget effectively
  • growing your website traffic, customer base and your business is then totally left to chance

What are some of the consequences of not tracking your web metrics?

You will lose your opportunity to recognise effective trends. You will not be able to test which were the most effective and profitable marketing strategies and campaigns that you have implemented.

You will continue to waste your money, time and effort.

Introducing the Advanced Tracking and Metrics System

Web Metrics that will help you boost your online marketing effort!

A web metrics tracking system that will shows you all your crucial information you need to know. Unlike others our dashboard is user-friendly, intuitive with logical graphical interface. Our web metrics is a tool that will give you an overview right where you want it to be, when it first loads.

We know you are too busy business running your own business, we have made our web metrics easy to use.

  • You will be able to see how many visitors are coming from organic, referral, paid, direct and social platforms
  • You will be able to to know which marketing campaigns are working and warrant repeat investment
  • You will be able to know if your website visitors are engaged with your contents or if they leaving right away
  • You will be able to know if there are any crawl issues on your site, as you will be getting timely notifications from Google and Bing
  • You will be able to know how many times and which of your web pages comes up in search queries on Google and Bing
  • You will be able to know how many times each pages have been visited, as well as knowing their average rankings.
  • You will be able to see the total traffic that your website gets

And how about this?

Every new search query or keywords that users type and when your website shows up in Google and Bing, it will be tracked. It will be tracked even if your web pages shows up at position 100 or right at the back of the search results. It is all automatically detected and tracked on the fly!

You will get the ultimate tracking and reporting on your search and keywords intelligence!

You NEED to KNOW what’s going on with your website’s presence and traffic (without logging in to many different metrics to monitor) by having access to the ultimate tracking and metrics system and by having someone explain the numbers to you in a marketing context.

You can track your website’s presence, traffic, and performance with ease—giving you a bird’s eye view of your online marketing efforts and allowing you insights in making better decisions on where you can invest your marketing budget.

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