November 24, 2015

Call Track Analytic

CALL TRACK ANALYTIC, Phone Tracking and Analytic is A Must Have For Your Business!

A leading industrialist once made the well-known comment that he knew half his advertising budget was wasted — he just didn’t know which half. Advertising is usually a big part of your business expenditure, it’s essential that you must know which advertising is effective and which is not. You must know which half of your advertising is not giving you the return for you buck. Not many business owners, especially small business owners know that you can implement phone tracking numbers for all your advertising campaigns. Phone tracking and analytic numbers are for sure the most powerful means to track your advertising effectiveness.

The short video below briefly describe how you can take advantage of call tracking and analytic to gain better insight how and where your marketing budget should be allocated.

Why Call Track Analytic?

The rise of internet and digital marketing certainly hasn’t diminished the importance of the telephone for driving business — far from it. Research shows that 86% of search engine users, looking online for goods and services, follow their through their online search with a phone call to the business. If you do not have an effective means to measure where your leads are coming from, how on earth are you able to determine what to improve?

Call tracking at its simplest is about recording where calls are coming from, how many calls you received from which advertising campaign. This helps you to determine whether the calls are a result of your adwords advertising, your social media, from your website or even from your offline flyers drop. With this insight intelligence you can re-direct your advertising budget where you have the greatest return on your investment. You can also track how many calls each of your ad campaign has produced, and how much of your advertising expenditure each call represents.

How it Works?

There are two basic different ways this can work. You can obtain a single phone tracking number, which can be used most effectively on a particular static medium like post cards mailers, brochures or billboards. If you use your single phone tracking number skillfully, it can help you decide how well or badly a particular campaign has performed.

And for online advertising, on the other hand, it’s more common to buy a pool of tracking numbers, so you can assign a unique phone tracking number to each of your online advertising platform, be it adwords or SEO to such an extent that you are able to know by what keywords they have typed in to find your business or website.

Why You Need It?

You really can’t improve on what you do not know!

Advertising or generating leads from your website leading to a phone call to your business without call tracking is truly a waste of future opportunities to drive down your advertising cost. It will be hard to maximize your limited advertising budget. You need good historical information to plan for your future advertising.

Another big problem you have, of course, is time — your time is money! Our call tracking analytic platform is easy to use, and gives you the data you need. You just need to login to the members area, you will have access to metrics such as missed calls, call length, and calls recorded. On top of it, you may also integrate it to Google analytic for all the good stuff mentioned above.

Without a phone tracking number, you are wasting this massive opportunity. And you are probably wasting more than half of your advertising budget, too, and you will never know which half!

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